Vacation in La Romana

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts lately; I’ve been on vacation and wasn’t able to access my blog while away. Today, D and I spent a solid 2 hours in Target while I browsed up and down my favorite aisles: stationary and office decor. I love to switch things up once in a while with my decorating, so I tend to buy pieces that are very versatile and timeless. I had been thinking about re-decorating my office space for a while (really, just a corner of our bedroom) into something that will inspire me and make me happy. I haven’t hung any of my pictures up yet, but here are some photos of my new space!

(sorry for the photo quality, I’m in need of a new camera!)

Having a clean, cute space not only helps me feel more productive, but it makes me happier and always eager to use it. I decided to channel my inner girly girl (who am I kidding, I’m always girly!) and stick with a white, blush, and gold theme.

But you didn’t come here to read about my office 😉

So on that note, here are some pictures from our beautiful, relaxing vacation in La Romana:


We spent the week on this beautiful, luxury, adults only resort and I have to say I came back more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time! I think I spent the whole vacation parked on a lounge chair either on the beach or by the pool, with a cocktail, a good book, and my camera. And with the person I love also by my side, well, I wouldn’t have it any other way!



We really lucked out with the weather- August is hurricane season, and it only rained once the entire time we were there. Look how dark the sky got around 2 PM…it was crazy! So sunny and hot and five minutes later this terrible storm came rolling in. Luckily it only lasted a couple hours, and we were back out by the pool after dinner .


Mandatory selfie on the beach!

img_0110img_0108img_0188img_0170Our lovely (and delish) dinner by the Caribbean sea. The sunsets here were jaw-dropping; I could never capture it properly on my phone; none of the pictures had the same beautiful colors. At least I managed to get a few decent ones!


If anyone is interested on the name of the hotel and reviews on where we stayed, please let me know in the comments!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.29.17 PM


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