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I wanted to share with you a few photos of some of the incredible, talented, intelligent women that I have met and become friends with during my journey as a style blogger. As you may now be aware, I have started a campaign to teach women to love their bodies, and dress themselves in a way that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Of course, there is so much more to you than looks, but feeling amazing and exhibiting confidence can also help lift our confidence, and give us the courage to succeed without fear holding us back.

These amazing women come in different shapes and sizes, and we are all connected by at least one thing: our love for style. Please take a look at these incredible ladies and their blogs as they too will be helping me out along the way.

Miriam Elizabeth from Herrendezvous 

Karina from Let’s Do Chocolate!

Irina from The Fourteen Carats

Mycaila from Booty and Beauty

Mycaila says: “I think most of us girls struggle with body confidence and body image, which it shouldn’t be that way because we’re all beautiful in our own ways. I think we all try and compare ourselves to other people who we think might look great to us, and strive to be like them, when in actual fact, we could actually be those exact people that maybe someone else looks up to in the same way. With being almost 8 months pregnant, I am getting used to my bigger shape. My whole body is expanding and growing for my baby, but I’m learning everyday to accept the changes that are happening and though I might have gone up a few sizes in clothing, I am learning to love my new shape more and more every day.”

I hope these women help to inspire you on your journey with me to learn and love yourself. Please check back daily for updates, and if you would like to participate, send your story and a photo of yourself in an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident to

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