25 Things You May Not Know About Me

I hope everyone had a successful Cyber Monday! In honor of my 25th birthday today (yikes!) I thought I’d share with you guys 25 facts about me that you might not know:

1. I absolutely love to read! I’ll read almost anything, but I prefer fiction, especially thrillers and crime novels. 
2. My favorite color is grey, followed closely by the color pink.
3. Chocolate & peanut butter are one of my favorite combinations
4. My natural hair color is auburn
5. On the very first lottery ticket I ever bought (on my 18th birthday) I won $200
6. I buy a lot of my designer items brand new/gently used from sites like eBay or ThredUp
7. I am so thankful I was recently able to travel to France for the first time. I would love to check Italy off of my list next.
8. I could eat sushi all day, every day
9. I am the oldest of five children; I have two sisters and two brothers, and D and I also want a large family someday
10. I was recently accepted into Boston University to finish a degree in Biomedical science
11. I love milkshakes, they are one of my guilty pleasures
12. I am actually terrified of being in front of the camera! Its a fear I am constantly learning how to overcome, especially with blogging.
13. We are planning to move to North Carolina in the next three years to buy a home
14. I am mostly French, Irish, and English descent. I have family all over the world, many whom I have never met before.
15. I am a huge advocate for women and learning how to love yourself. More on that here and here
16. Baking is one of my passions! I always tell people that someday I’m going to run my own home bakery and fashion blog alongside it.
17. I was reading a book on my way up to Maine, and when I opened the window to flick a bug out I accidentally threw my book out of the car and onto the highway (My husband was kind enough to stop at Target so I could buy a new one!)
18. My favorite musical is the Phantom of the Opera
19. I’m deathly afraid of spiders
20. I am a chemist during the day, blogger by night
21. One of my favorite books in the world is All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
22. I love to paint/draw, and have won awards for my art in the past
23. I am a huge animal lover, and have a soft spot for almost all of them
24. I used to be very introverted (not anymore!)
25. I am terrified and excited to be twenty-five. Sometimes I still feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything or I don’t know what direction my life is going in, but I’m trying to embrace getting older since it’s unavoidable! Here’s to being twenty-five!

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